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The winter is a hard time for animals and that includes pests such as rats, mice and squirrels. Call outs rise the colder the weather. 
Bed bugs are becoming the 21st Century 'modern plague' - genetic mutation and chemical resistance are seeing these insects emerging as a "super bug"; call-outs for bed bug treatments in Reading and Wokingham are rising and becoming harder to treat. 
The edible dormouse has reached Caversham and Reading; things going bump in the night? It might be one of these bizarre creatures, protected by Law but treatable under License - All Aspects Pest Control Ltd is licensed to trap these rodents. 
The striking yellow and black banding on wasps has always thought to be a warning sign - "Danger I sting!" but scientists have discovered that the bands are the insect equivalent of solar panels allowing the wasps to covert UVB into insectricity. 
We deal with wasps and hornets as a professional company; these pack a powerful punch and can have serious consequences - read more about the chemicals in a wasps' venom and why its best to leave it to a pest controller. 
We guarantee our wasp treatments throughout Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead - when we say that our customers are our priority : we mean it. 
Insect or bug we can help identify and set up a treatment plan to eradicate your insect pests, we routinely treat all manner of insects in Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and Maidenhead; from bed bug eradication to cockroach control it's no problem, but why do we call insects bugs? 
All Aspects Pest Control - insect eradication quickly and efficiently. 
At this time of year we expect to be dealing with winter pests; its 2*C outside and two call-outs in one week for ants. Not usual ants but exotic invaders from North Africa, its the Mummy's Revenge - Pharaoh ants running riot all over the kitchen. 
We deal with all insect pests, not just the usual problem pests like wasps but relatively rare foreign insects that are migrating into homes and businesses all over Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell and Maidenhead. 
Squirrels are making a nuisance of themselves in Wokingham and Woodley; the cold weather is driving them indoors and they are building dreys in our customers lofts. When the weathers as cold as it is now, females will group together to keep warm and save energy and your house is a tempting place to live. 
Squirrel control in Wokingham, Woodley and Reading. We are getting more callouts for pest treatments which are squirrels. 
Cockroaches as much as they're repulsive horrid insects, you have to give them their due as the 'Rocky Balboa' of the insect world; they have been around for millennia and they have a fossil record history that goes back in time for over 300 million years, so its little surprise that these insects are fast becoming a pest control technicians Number 1 pest in the UK. 
We routinely get called out to cockroach infestations in Wokingham and Reading and we are experts in eradicating cockroaches using insecticide gels and liquid sprays; if you live in Berkshire and you have cockroaches we can help. 
We're surrounded by rats, literally in their thousands; whether you live in one of Berkshires' larger towns like Reading or here in Wokingham there are hundreds of thousands of rats living happily up in our lofts or in the cupboard under the stairs, their often found scuttling about beneath the kick boards in the kitchen and lets not forget those rats that will be living underneath the garden shed! 
We offer professional rat control in Wokingham, Woodley and throughout Reading and Berkshire, professional pest control from a family run business with over 15 years experience in pest control.